A downloadable button simulation for Windows

run around, hit buttons, don't get fired!

(this somehow came 10th overall in the 'So Bad It's Good' Jam 2020! Part of the 'Best of the Worst' collection. Developed between 20/6/2020 - 26/6/2020. https://github.com/11BelowStudio/TheButtonFactory)


  • arrow keys to move
  • spacebar to press buttons you are touching
  • mouse to select options on the menu
  • spacebar also starts the game
  • make sure at least 2 buttons are active or else you'll get fired


  • Design, programming, visuals, some vocals, kazoo noises, etc by 11BelowStudio
  • Most of the vocals (the good vocals) are by DELTA100
  • Built using sample code provided by Dr. Dimitri Ognibene
  • Code to include the images in the .jar by JB Nizet on StackOverflow (https://stackoverflow.com/a/8362018)
  • Code to include some text files in the .jar by Drew MacInnis on StackOverflow (https://stackoverflow.com/a/20389418)

Install instructions

  • You need Java (Java 8 or later) to run this.
    • this is non-negotiable, the entire game's written in java (not using any 3rd party java add-on stuff, just pure, unmodified, java)
    • no i cannot change it to a different engine as that would involve completely re-making the game from scratch and i cba to do that
  • Download the zipped folder
  • Open that zipped folder
  • Extract the unzipped 'The Button Factory' folder from the zipped folder, put it somewhere idc where
  • Open the extracted folder
  • Don't touch the 'resourcesPlsNoDelet' folder.
  • read the 'README.txt' file in there if you want
  • Click on the 'The Button Factory.jar'(or .exe) file
  • congrats ur playing the gaem


The Button Factory but it's an .exe instead of a .jar.zip 163 MB
The Button Factory but it's a .jar.zip 163 MB
version what has an mono soundtrack and is only ~98mb when unzipped (have fun) 83 MB

Development log


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If you want to make it easier for people to play without switching engines you could bundle a private JRE. I can confirm this game works fine with AdoptOpenJDK 8 (as that's what I have installed on my system). The tradeoff would of course be the download size.

well, I've attempted to make a .exe version of it, in case that's of any use to anyone

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this is a great game but if you really want more ppl to play it you have to make it easier to play just in case if someone really likes your game but cant play it because they dont have java so i recommend using a game engine thats universal and easier to play with

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well I can't exactly fix that now, seeing as that would pretty much require me to completely redo the entire thing, and there's not really enough time for me to do that before the deadline of this jam, y'know?

and it isn't as if java's some stupid obscure thing that literally nobody has on their computer (hell, doesn't minecraft also come with a java installer or something like that nowadays?)

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lol sorry man i forgot this was for a jam my bad


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